Is your website a grape or molasses?

“Grape is different, molasses is different. You have to be a grape to become molasses. Yet grape is not molasses and molasses is not grape. Grape cures one ill but molasses cures thousands. Grape becomes molasses after a long and grueling journey. To cure a thousand ills you need to be snatched from your home,…

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The Six Steps to a “Sticky” Website

Why Sticky websites are better… A sticky website isn’t simply a website that fell into a vat of delicious strawberry jam. A sticky website is one that compels visitors to stick (around). Let me be clear about something: You want a sticky website. A sticky website means more customers, more fans, more clients, more patients–more…

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The Secret to Content Marketing that no one Talks About

Secret to Content Marketing

I never thought that I would learn the secret to content marketing from a child on the New York subway. Here is how it happened…   It was late at night, I was taking the subway back home after a long day. As usual, the subway train had a gloomy atmosphere, everyone was tired and…

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7 Steps for Successfully Marketing Your Business

marketing your business

This is the steps that we use for our clients to bring them online success and increase their client base. I hope it does the same for you. Despite contrary belief, marketing is not a one-step process, there are 7 steps that need to be taken. Your job is to move prospects seamlessly and subtly…

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How to Ensure your Website is Bringing you Business

fifth avenue business

You can have a shop on 5th avenue in New York and a have a lot of people visit, but if it’s interior is not designed well, it won’t bring you any business. All that money spent on rent is going to waste. Websites are exactly the same. Before you spend any money on SEO…

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Make a plan to measure conversions

Cocoons converting to butterflies

It always feels good to get more traffic, but views are less important than conversions. A conversion is each time a user fulfills an action you designated. Traffic can be unreliable. A marketing campaign could bring a lot of traffic, but it won’t matter if that traffic doesn’t convert. You don’t want ballet dancers visiting…

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3 tips to improve your website’s speed

Page speed

There are many reasons why a website would be slow in this day and age, but none of them matter to users. After all, 40% of internet users report leaving a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds for the page to load. As of July 2018, mobile speed is now one of Google’s…

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Make sure the content fits

Puzzle with a piece that doesn't fit

A website is only as good as its content. The best designers and coders can’t do anything for a website if its content doesn’t nudge the users to convert. Content that converts and helps your SEO is simple and direct. Learn to write complicated concepts in as few words as possible. Here are a few…

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Don’t forget the call to action

Student uses a megaphone to call out to other students

Have you ever browsed through a website but left without completing any action that achieves the business’ objectives? It happens all the time. Often, this is because a website does not have a clear call to action (CTA). This is a section of your website that sets users down a path to completing an action…

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