Don’t forget the call to action

Have you ever browsed through a website but left without completing any action that achieves the business’ objectives? It happens all the time.

Often, this is because a website does not have a clear call to action (CTA). This is a section of your website that sets users down a path to completing an action you’ve defined for them. Each time a user completes that action, it’s called a conversion.

You can have many CTAs in a website, but it’s ideal to have one main CTA. For example, SoliciCloud’s CTA prompts users to request a quote for our website optimization services.

SolicitiCloud's Call to Action

Here are a few tips for creating your CTA:

Plan out your website’s objectives

We’ve discussed planning before because it’s something people tend to neglect when building a website. Business owners often think in terms of what information they want on the website rather than the objectives they want that website to complete. It’s important to think in terms of objectives, especially defining the one main objective, in order to plan your website around achieving your goals.

Keep your main CTA above the fold

The easiest way to get users to interact with your CTA is to place it above the fold of your website, where users don’t need to scroll down to see the CTA. That is the section with the most engagement.

Give users a reason to click on your CTA

Make sure your CTA conveys the value you offer users. This means writing clear, compelling content and addressing possible concerns users may have with your product or service. Are they worried about recurring costs? Tell them they can cancel at any time. Do they fear spam from your newsletter? Let them know how often you will email them. Anticipate user concerns and respond appropriately.


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