Is your website a grape or molasses?

“Grape is different, molasses is different. You have to be a grape to become molasses. Yet grape is not molasses and molasses is not grape. Grape cures one ill but molasses cures thousands. Grape becomes molasses after a long and grueling journey. To cure a thousand ills you need to be snatched from your home, to be crushed, to boil in flames. You need to take on this journey to cure a thousand ills.”

This is a quote from a Turkish show on Netflix, called Resurrection Ertugrul. I enjoy watching it (even though I have to read subtitles…).

It reminded me of a meeting I had with an autoglass shop owner. I showed him a new website we had designed for him. He simply asked, “What’s the difference between the website you designed and my own website?”.

It is a lot like the grape and molasses analogy in the website design industry.

A lot of time and effort and research goes into a proper website design. A website that cures a thousand ills, engages visitors, converts into customers. On the surface, they’re both websites but they are not the same.

In his eyes the two websites were not that different, and I don’t blame him. A call to action added to the page, removing a lot of flashy distractions, making the navigation more accessible

Unfortunately, too many digital marketing/website design companies take advantage of businesses and sell them grape in the name of molasses. Most business owners we have met have been burnt at least once by a digital marketing/ website design agency.

He is now enjoying two times the amount of quote requests he received before. He has become a firm believer.

Do you want a website that is a grape or do you want a website that is a molasses?


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